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My Physio And I is a physiotherapy and fitness clinic with core specialty in women’s and pelvic health, delivering unparalleled services via a team of results-oriented professionals committed to helping patients regain their pain-free life

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What We Offer For Good Health?

We offer world-class physiotherapy services that ultimately relieves you of known/unknown pain.


Physiotherapy involves the physio-therapeutic management of the elderly.

Cupping Therapy [Hijama]

We pride ourselves in giving you the best blood cupping therapy


We provide world-class Acupuncture services



Women's Health

This specialty of physiotherapy involves the management of physiotherapy related obstetric and gyneacological disorders.

What People Are Saying

Our deliveries have been awesome, see what our patients have said below

I so much appreciate MyPhysioAndI Clinics services. I also appreciate the fact that she usually follow up on her patients even after they might have complete their sessions.
During my session I recommeded two other patients and I am glad I did.
When you think of how to get rid of your pains, Think of MyPhysioAndI

Timely & Educative Videos

We provide you with timely and educative videos based on researches to guide you on how to continue leaving a pain-free life.

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